Everything is Rosy…. and NEW!

Did you notice the changes when you first opened up my blog page??? I am SO excited to announce my formal “launching” of my new logo! I had an amazing artist named Tierra Jackson design it for me and FINALLY draw the Robot Pixie of my dreams. A little backstory: My husband and I devised the name of RobotPixie when we got married in 2013. He is the robot, I am the pixie. It became our “joint effort” moniker, and the thing for all married adventures. When I first started pursing using my love for crafts as an actual business, he helped me with a lot of technical, computer-y, stuff; and that sealed the deal on calling my “Business” RobotPixie Designs. I look forward to using this sweet cuddly Pixie in EVERYTHING, so I hope you love her as much as I do.


Now…. to go along with that…. Stampin Up! has released a LIMITED EDITION, super unique product medley, available ONLY for the month of May and ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. Again…. ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. Why do I stress that? Because the last amazing limited edition promotion they had sold out extremely quickly. If this sparks your fancy (which it should because HELLO ROSE GOLD!!), I would hop on purchasing this melody immediately. What exactly is this medley??? Continue reading “Everything is Rosy…. and NEW!”


Never Forget Another Birthday with the Perennial Birthday Kit


If you’re anything like I am, you mean well when it comes to birthdays. You try to stay on top of it but always end up forgetting about it until that calendar reminder and then it’s too late to make a card, let alone send one. Or…. you get the ever handy Facebook birthday reminder. What would we do without those?!

Well, the answer is simple. The Perennial Birthday Kit! Continue reading “Never Forget Another Birthday with the Perennial Birthday Kit”